Viral Agenda Event Guide

Viral gathers users and promoters in a unique event guide. 

Viral’s organic structure is the outcome from the meeting of a heterogeneous mass of culture consumers who come here to discover what’s happening in their cities, and a glowing core of agents - artists, entities, venues and promoters - who use the platform as a tool for their event promotion.

• Mobile and Web App  •  Data & Analytics  
• Entertainment  •  Travel & Leisure  
• Portugal • Costa Rica • More countries to come 

Idea / Challenge

Create a complete, updated and organised Cultural Network + Event guide, 
Taking advantage of tools and public API’s provided by Facebook and Google, 
Mixing with the right dosage of filtering and content curation, 
Adding an advanced algorithm, metadata within a robust database... 

We’ve built a platform capable of answering the question:   
What’s happening around you?
Some milestones / insights (2016)

• Co-founded in November 2012 with Tiago Abelha, Hugo Branco and Mónica Planche.
• Countries affected: Portugal - 20 regions (2012), Costa Rica - 4 regions (2015) .  
• Promoted Events:  more than 300K+ (Jun. 2016).
• Promoters + Venues: more than 20K+ (Jun. 2016).
• Page Views:  more than 1.1 Million / Month (Sep. 2016).
• Daily active Users: > 5K / Week (and growing organically).  
• Awards and recognitions, tons of positive testimonials + feedback. 

(This video perfectly captures our vision, concept, excitement and results in the first year of life. It was made in 2013.)
My position

Co-founder in November 2012 (to present 2016)

Main responsibilities:
• Product  Design • User Interface + Experience • Art direction 

Art direction, event curation, wire-framing, graphic design, product guides,
Illustration, typography, icon design, css, scss, html.
Marketing plans (campaigns, advertising, social networks, video and animation.)
Customer support (partially).
(We are still a very small team, so I had a lot of things to do ;)
V. 1.0

First responsive grid interface for web - responsive devices.
Illustrated districts / regions

Main Portuguese nodes illustrated. Drawing + Illustrator + Photoshop  
Iconography, categories (v.1.0)

Custom made isometric illustrations for categories.
More recently, I have acquired some stock isometric illustrations to give me more precious time on developing and designing the platform.
Simplified Iconography (v.2.0) 

Minimal icons for categories and navigation. We also made a web font out of this.
Inspired and based by the icon font "simple-line icons".
Present and future​​​​​​​

Current products envisioned, conceived, developed and under construction.
Mobile App​​​​​​​

Viral Agenda Mobile app -  iOS / Android - available in Portugal and Costa Rica 
Desktop web 
( v.2.0)​​​​​​​

The new design was launched in December 2015 with loads of new features, such as user registration, highlights, big format advertising, user options, ranking, favourites, own event creation, UI and UX revamped, etc...

Currently under heavy iteration in many sections, I have introduced a new kind of grid, consisting in square and rectangular elements (1:1 and 2:1 ratio) that are being progressively adapted to most of the aspects of the website, simplifying the whole UX and UI prototyping / size calculations. This aspect ratio, multipliable by endless variations, allows much more fluid and simplified integrations of the different interface modules. 
Detailed event
Promotional pieces

Promoting the App with a concept of classical paintings with modern technology:
Awards, recognitions and funding

We earned some very special awards for our efforts: 
Entrepreneurial, design and concept / problem solving... I think we deserved them.

Prémio Sim Samsung
Honourable mention on most creative entrepreneur project (Lisbon, Jan. 2013)

5th 'Congreso Ibero Americano de Cultura   
Award for most innovative cultural entrepreneur project (Zaragoza, Nov. 2013)

Wayra incubation award
(Zaragoza, Nov. 2013)

Prémio Nacional de Indústrias Criativas
Finalist, (Porto, Set. 2014)

BID 2014 
Honourable mention for design and new ideas, (Madrid, Nov. 2013)

Soul-FI / FIWARE  
Smart cities funded project for acceleration with a set of new programming frameworks and API's endorsed by the European Commission.

Above all, we've earned so far the respect and appreciation of several institutions, governments, entities and promoters in the cultural / leisure main in Portugal and Costa Rica.

There is still a long way and milestones to reach, one of them is to be more profitable. Nevertheless, this is a very rewarding project that solves a problem no one has yet fixed - there is a overwhelming amount of things to do and see around, and you are missing some very good stuff happening.

I must thank the team, family and everyone involved for trusting and believing in Viral Agenda.

Thanks for having the patience and time on scrolling down until this point. Here's 6 new bonus species. ;)

— CQ
Uma Pinha
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