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I have been working for the last 15 years as a visual artist / designer on the fields of fine-arts, illustration, graphic design and interfaces. 

Inspired by grid systems and by organic forms, I have since then been using my drawing skills and graphic design tools to, not only produce spontaneous works, but also help brands and companies communicating differently their campaigns through products and ideas, mostly in the creative industry.

During my freelance life, I have helped giving shape, color and disruptive illustrations to the biggest editorials in Portugal, and abroad for the New York Times T Mag, Flaunt magazine, among many other publishers. Levis, MOCA LA, R.J. Reynolds, Nike and other brands have also commissioned me to illustrate campaigns and products. 

I love to make handmade collages with my wife, drawings, paintings and doodles in paper. Sometimes I make money from it. Long term and repetitive commitments usually spoil my will to freely explore new things to do without briefings or predicted outcomes.

In 2012  I have envisioned and co-founded
Viral Agenda, the biggest and most complete cultural guide in Portugal and Costa Rica. Irony or not, this project has been growing organically since, and steady as it goes.

My expertise includes the essentials of UI and UX, design planning, wire framing, mockup rendering, printing, illustration, html+css, drawing, collage, from the most analog or rough surface, to any medium or screen.

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I am a patient guy, introvert, who likes to play and experiment. I always do my best to deliver fast and to present out-of-the-box solutions. I'm also interested in the concepts of 'lean improvement' in systems and in life.

Living happy with my family, cat and dog in the breezy warm Portuguese west coast.

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“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. ” ― Pablo Picasso


Sheena / Gata 

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