The art of forming melody; melody; - now often used for a melodic passage, rather than a complete melody.

 Collage compositions, inspired, by the history of the waterfront area of Lisbon, particularly Cais do Sodré, and also by fado, by joy and by the music that are now associated with this particular area of Lisbon. Like a melopeia, the collages create a melody for the history, re-inventing it and giving new life to both ancient and new images.

April 2016 — until August 2016
Visual Intervention  / Site-specific Exhibition

at Povo Lisboa (url) / (Facebook)

Art Direction:
We Are Pardal 
Outside Views
Street Photos (Instagram sources):

1. Facade and  terrace: Hoovolution
2. Entry at night: mylarizzo
3. 3d Glasses
4. Pink Street wide angle:
(R. Nova do Carvalho) earthsomeadventures 

Table Tops
Compositions photographed for the table tops
Interventions done inside from real cut/paste paper assembling.
Thank You!
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