Junior Jetsetters Guide to Lisbon
Introducing a fun guide to Lisbon, directed to the kids and youth.

Published by Junior Jetsetters, Inc; from Toronto, Canada to everywhere in the world.

For more info check: www.juniorjetsetters.ca
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Monsanto Hoods (a Combination of many, many photos to achieve the perspective, the wanted items on the brief, the Fauna and Flora of this rich hood located in Lisbon)
Docas / Alcantara (Bridge here has perspective, while it really doesn't have in the real place)
Sta Luzia Sight seeing over Alfama  and Tejo River
( there was a combination of 2 levels of this place and 5 photos worked on to show the overall feeling of this place)
Nazare, on the Portuguese West-Coast, the village where I was born. 100Km / 60 Miles north from Lisbon
Terreiro do Paço
Cais do Sodré
Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium
Sé Catederal
Roca cape, Europe's western most point
Óbidos village (50 miles north from Lisbon)
Mercado da Ribeira
Costa da Caparica
Belém / Charanga GNR
Cascais / Estoril coast line
Rua Augusta / Baixa (downtown)
Av. Liberdade
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