Illustrations made between january 2009 and April 2009 for Clara Ferreira Alves's Chronicles and Opinion articles, weekly on Saturdays at "Única" magazine, part of Expresso Newspaper.

Palestine Civil drama
Corruption and 'Influence Traffic' in Portugal
Slumdog Millionaire, about the movie.
"Simplex" and the citizen card in Portugal
Issues about gay marriage
About the newest Ortography  Agreement between Portugal and Brasil, and the use current / future use of both languages.
The greed.
Woody Allen
About Clint Eastwood's latest movie, while comparing with some examples on our society.
The unemployed
Ethics and Morality
About the Portuguese revolution held on 25 Abril 1974, and the workers Day:
(April 25 and May 1st) two holiday days with a lot of symbolic meanings in Portugal.

About  fishing in the summer holidays
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