Expresso weekly
Única Magazine
Illustrations made for Clara Ferreira Alves's chronicles and Opinion articles, weekly on saturdays at "Única" magazine, part of Expresso weekly newspaper, Portugal.  July 2010 to December 2010

July 24: Imagine if the crisis hits the higher social classes.
July 31: The gossip magazines and medias.
August 7: Bombs and the violent Afghanistan
August 14: The forbidden Portuguese summer vacation spots, yet still being used.
August 21: Cinema VS Youtube
September 12: The power of the words: mine vs yours
Sep 19: Brazillian (former candidate to) President.
Sep 25: José Mourinho
October 2: Portuguese prime minister José Sócrates and his recent visit to U.S.A.
(many issues retreated in the pic and topic)
October 9: The European Austerity
October 16: The overwhelming amounts of money spent y the government in parties and public celebrations
October 23: The Airports and the low-costs
October 30: The markets in the media, and EDP's situation
November 6: Politics... the agreements.
November 13: Mark Zuckenberg: The Social Network - the movie
November 20: The Portuguese crisis that the government party led into
November 27: USA Vs Europe in the financial current situation
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